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At Primary level, the focus is on encouraging inquiry, exploration and on inculcating confidence in key learning skills - reading, writing, listening, speaking, information technology capability, problem-solving, observation and measurement. Children are encouraged to speak and perform at competitions, drama productions and cultural activities, thus gain confidence in their ability to communicate to a wider audience.

We recognize that children at this level are active, curious, experimental, imaginative, talkative and, above all, disconcertingly frank. Each child is an individual with his or her own unique abilities, interests, aspirations and expectations. Therefore, our curriculum in these classes is structured to encourage and motivate them to become self-confident, self-reliant and self-disciplined, and thus help them achieve full potential. K.E Boards Primary School seeks to achieve this through a variety of scholastic and co-scholastic programmes.

Children learn and develop through:

  1. A number of informal methods like activities, projects, presentations and hands-on experiences, apart from formal learning;
  2. Activities like role play, quiz, singing, dancing, work education, art, and so on;
  3. Outdoor and indoor play and games;
  4. Sharing ideas with other children and discovering facts for themselves through observation and reference work;
  5. Exciting experiential learning opportunities through field trips which are planned for specific educational purposes;
  6. Exploring and reading books, newspapers and magazines, thus enhancing their knowledge and inculcating in them an interest to be learning-oriented while appreciating the value of reading and research;
  7. An appropriate balance of whole group, small group and individual activities, which cater to individual differences in learning;
  8. Physical education, which improves health and fitness, while enjoying the recreational value it offers;
  9. Celebration of the birthdays of the year, reading thought for the day and daily news are done through whole-school assembly.

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